2019 Highlights

In a record-breaking year, 400 colleagues from 168 companies gathered compelling insights and practical information on the Next Generation Storefront, Dynamic Pricing, and how to innovate in our industry—not to mention the networking to build strong relationships for solving real problems.

2019 Highlights
Building Blocks of Dynamic Offers with Amit Khandelwal, Emirates
Elevate 2019 Welcome with ATPCO's CEO, Rolf Purzer
Big ideas start here with ATPCO's Jonathan Savitch
Elevate 2019 Keynote: Planning for infinite possibilities with Joe Leader from APEX
NGS: Zero to hero in six months with ATPCO's Jonathan Savitch
NGS: An airline on the forefront with Yasin Demir from Virgin Atlantic Airways
Beautiful rebellion: How to stand out in retail with ATPCO's Robert Albert
Where four global channels are taking retailing with Expedia Group, Google, Amadeus, and Skyscanner
Redefining airline distribution with ATPCO's Graham Wareham
NDC insiders with Richard Clarke from T2RL
From the field: How NDC is working in real life with Serko, PROS, United, and Southwest Airlines
Beyond fares: What's ahead for dynamic offers with Tom Gregorson (ATPCO) & Surain Adyanthaya (PROS)
It’s happening now: Optimized pricing with Aldo Ponticelli from Alitalia
Beyond fares: Q&A with Sebastien Touraine (IATA), and Marcial Lapp (American Airlines)
Welcome to the Innovation Showcase with ATPCO's Beth Taylor, Head of Marketing
Volantio: Then & now with Azim Barodawala (Volantio) and Sean O'Neill (Skift)
Going from good to great: How to scale with Nina Wittkamp (McKinsey & Company)
ATPCO's Innovation Showcase: Jodie Novotny, OAG
ATPCO's Innovation Showcase: Curtis Willmore, United Airlines
ATPCO's Innovation Showcase: Hervé Prezet, Amadeus
ATPCO's Innovation Showcase: Alex Shartsis, Perfect Price
ATPCO's Innovation Showcase: Krista Pappas with Lola
ATPCO's Innovation Showcase: Abheer Kolhatkar with Migacore
Beth Taylor, Head of Marketing at ATPCO, announces the Innovation Showcase winner
Elevate Day 2 Opening with Beth Taylor, Head of Marketing at ATPCO
Growing the Asia market in a digital world with TravelSky's Kevin Zhang
Tech trends that drive a modern retail strategy with Massimo Morin from Amazon Web Services
The first generation of digital natives: Gen Z’s budding influence on flight shopping
Solution Lab Showcase with ATPCO's Seth Anagnostis
Deep dive into Retailing with ATPCO's Megan Beardsley and Carrie DeMoss
Deep dive into Pricing Data with ATPCO's Brenda Bartholic
Deep dive into Distribution with ATPCO's Bryan Trauger and Jeff Welch

2018 Highlights

At Elevate, we are hungry for new perspectives. Our main stage is a place to learn from some of the brightest business leaders in the industry on the key trends you need to know about—the next generation of retailing, dynamic pricing, offer management, NDC & distribution, and emerging technology.

From tech giants to startups, from best-in-class airlines creating new channels for business to the systems that support them, Elevate speakers will make you think about things outside your everyday and give you fresh ideas and inspiration to carry back to your next team meeting.

Hitlist CEO and founder explains how large travel companies can successfully engage with startups

Gillian Morris, CEO and founder of Hitlist gives us a candid look at what works and what doesn't when large travel companies engage startups.

Expedia, McKinsey & Company, Unboundly, KDS, & ATPCO talk the many faces of innovation in air travel

When it comes to the future state of innovation and air travel, the experts have some ideas. Find out what they're predicting.

Blockchain's potential and ATPCO's promise with Blockskye and BlockApps

Blockskye and BlockApps give us a preview of how blockchain could fit into airline pricing and what it will mean for every distribution channel.

ARC, Ctrip, IATA, and ATPCO explore data and how ATPCO can turn it into actionable intelligence

Industry experts discuss data--raw or calculated--that is the essential foundation for our businesses.

American Airlines, PROS, and ATPCO discuss data and the best tools for fare and yield management

Industry experts discuss what data and tools spell success for fare and yield management.

IBM's Greg Land elaborates on AI and analytics as new possibilities for doing business

IBM's global industry leader enlightens us on how AI and analytics will transform the future of air travel.

Hear from an industry expert on how to use communication to demolish silos in your corporation

Jonathan Savitch, Chief Commercial Officer at ATPCO, teaches how you can use communication to get everyone on board before you launch your new innovative programs.

Air Canada, Finnair, Amadeus, & ATPCO talk trends in ancillary retailing

Kevin Strohmaier (Air Canada), Tarja Koski (Finnair), and Joelle Cuvelier (Amadeus), join Carrie DeMoss (ATPCO), for an in-depth discussion about the right tools for you to enhance your ancillary retailing--all in one place.

Air Canada, British Airways, ARC, SITA, Serko, & ATPCO discuss where NDC is working right now

Mark Kosikowski (Air Canada), Nikki Ping (British Airways), Mike Premo (ARC), René Fourel (SITA), and Rich Miller (Serko), join Graham Wareham (ATPCO) to discuss where NDC is in our industry using case studies to demonstrate how the infrastructure can work for you.

The merchandising experience with Routehappy by ATPCO

Modern shopping experiences and better conversion rates are some of the key opportunities discussed by the EVP of Retailing at ATPCO, Robert Albert.

ATPCO Director of Marketing Beth Taylor talks about a year in the life of innovation at ATPCO

Beth Taylor, Director of Marketing & Communications at ATPCO, reviews lessons learned as we reinvented our brand, our focus and our technology during the past year.

Next Generation Airline Retailing (Big 3 US carriers) - Part 2

Experience what the next generation of airline retailing might mean and discover what consumers want, straight from the Big Three US carriers. Then listen in on a candid chat as they discuss what these might mean moderated by Routehappy by ATPCO.

Next Generation Airline Retailing (Big 3 US carriers) - Part 1

At Elevate 2018, the heads of distribution of the Big Three US carriers shared what consumers want: differentiated airline products. It's better business for airlines, too. See the future from the perspective of American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines.

Amadeus explores how to build better with collaborative construction

Corrine Landra, Senior Expert, Airline Offer Management System of Amadeus, joins Herve Prezet, Associate Director at Amadeus, in a discussion on the best way to foster industry collaboration and communication.

Sara Hetland of United Airlines guides us to finding our way in a consumer-driven world

Sara Hetland, Senior Manager of Brand Design & Editorial at United Airlines, reviews the new expectations for personalized, relevant offers to hone your own laser-sharp focus.

Gordian CEO Stephen Grabowski

Gordian wants to remove the friction that airlines and agencies face as part of drawn-out, painful integrations to sell baggage, seating, meals, and other ancillary products. They offer a drop-in solution with minimal development to unlock this revenue for airlines and agencies.

EveryMundo President Seth Cassel

EveryMundo has developed a suite of tools to complement airlines’ existing digital direct channels that takes a focused performance marketing approach to destination-based shopping. Using EveryMundo’s tools, airlines enjoy conversion rate increases of over four times normal.

Unboundly CEO Danielle Massell

Unboundly applies the capabilities of graphDb to present affordable and convenient routing options through consideration of all priced content, not just the most likely routes. Unboundly won ATPCO’s vote at this year’s Travel Tech Con for most interesting Travel Startup.

Migacore CEO Abheer Kolhatkar

Migacore delivers insights on changing consumer behavior through trend and group behavior predictions to give airlines more data on demand and the capability to react in terms of both network planning and price positioning.

FlyNava CEO Mahesh Shastry

FlyNava Technologies offers Jupiter Next, a revenue management capability linked to social data that delivers dashboards and insights for a variety of Asian and Middle Eastern carriers.

Air Cube CEO Jerome Perez

Air Cube processes and enriches data while delivering cutting-edge visualization solutions to facilitate and accelerate C-level decisions in airline pricing and distribution.

FLYR Co-Founder and CTO Alexander Mans

FLYR predicts price movement by leveraging machine learning, and its platform studies user behavior for a more intelligent way to measure and track price elasticity.

Volantio CEO Azim Barodawala

Working with leading airlines such as Qantas and United, Volantio has aggregated valuable data on who to target, when to target, and how to target rebooking options that delivers both value to consumers and revenue to airlines.

2017 Highlights

In 2017, Elevate turned up the excitement with the reveal of ATPCO’s refreshed brand. As a company and an industry, attendees joined us is exploring some big ideas.

Better Together: American Airlines & ATPCO's APIs

American Airlines and ATPCO discuss how ATPCO ensures customer collaboration during solution development.

New Generation Shopping & Pricing

Manish Nagpal of Farelogix presents what it takes to build a new shopping and pricing engine.

Leading the Industry into the Next Generation of Distribution

Key industry leaders discuss how to embrace and adapt emerging and existing technologies to support distribution interoperability.

Innovation Keynote

How does ATPCO serve as a platform for innovation in the airline industry? ATPCO VP of Technology John Murphy, weighs in.

The Road to Dynamic Offer Generation

John McBride of PROS shares his insights on dynamic offer generation and the benefits it brings to airlines and travelers alike.

Driving Industry Efficiencies in a Disruptive Future

Hear how industry organizations can help to define and deliver solutions while reducing complexity and increasing value.

Cognitive Models of Consumer Choice

McKinsey and Company's Alex Cosmas takes a closer look at how to turn customers' digital breadcrumbs into an understanding of choice drivers.

Opening Keynote & CEO Announcement

ATPCO CEO Rolf Purzer, and Board Chair Jerry Foran, presents ATPCO's new vision and renewed promise to fuel the future of air travel.

ATPCO's Gianni Cataldo talks about embracing change in our industry with advances in technology

Gianni Cataldo, Director of R&D at ATPCO, focuses on technology and how it will help us embrace change.