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Exclusive sneak peek: Architect

Optimize your data with Architect. It combines the best of automation, workflow simplification, and management of strategic pricing rules.

Product demo • Architect
Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is good for your bottom line

How do we bring more diversity and amplify more voices in an industry that historically looks quite uniform? 

INTERVIEW • Thought leadership, DEI
Uplift CEO Brian Barth

Uplift joins ATPCO to chat about the future of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) in the travel space.

Keynote • Thought Leadership
Trip.com Group CEO Jane Sun

Trip.com Group teams up with ATPCO to uncover insights we can all learn from the largest OTA in the world. 

Keynote • Thought Leadership, DEI
The quest for the ultimate retailing experience

Direct from the leaderboard, top players share what it took to achieve a modern storefront and what’s coming next.

Panel • Dynamic offer creation, NGS, Merchandising
NGS: The level up we’ve all been waiting for

NGS is back to level up the retailing game. Get details on a program that’s energizing the industry’s path forward.

Product demo • Dynamic offer creation, NGS, Merchandising
New to the game?

Get the latest updates on ATPCO’s place in the industry, the solutions we offer, and how to make the most of your time at Elevate 2021.

ATPCO 101 • Architect, Community Participation, NGS, Merchandising, Standards
Getting NDC to scale

What will it take to unlock NDC’s full capabilities? Hear the airline, channel, and infrastructure partner perspectives on getting to the next level.

Panel • Dynamic offer creation, Distribution, Merchandising
Emerging tech starts with the cloud

How can more travel companies get from static, physical infrastructure to a model that allows faster innovation, scale, and reduced cost?

INTERVIEW • Thought Leadership
Corporate contracts ready to book in one day

Learn how United Airlines used Express Contracts to change the game for their sales team and how your contracts can become bookable fares in minutes.

Choosing our journey wisely

Councils leaders discuss how we’re going from idea to action to results faster than ever before.

Panel •‎ Pricing & revenue management, Merchandising, Standards
British Airways and Dual RBD: A path to dynamic offer creation

British Airways shares how Dual RBD is just one tool on the road to Dynamic Offer Creation and ATPCO’s role in enabling more capabilities at scale.

Case study •‎ Dynamic Offer Creation
Balancing the environment and your bottom line

Airlines are embracing strategies to fight climate change and accelerate the path to decarbonization, while keeping an eye on a healthy bottom line.

interview • Thought Leadership