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2022 Agenda   2022 Speakers

Upping our game: A special announcement from ATPCO

ATPCO’s President and CEO, Alex Zoghlin, and Chief Strategy Officer, Tom Gregorson, take the stage to discuss the shifts in the airline industry and

Interview • Dynamic offer creation
The state of the industry: ATPCO, T2RL, and McKinsey weigh in

Hear from four industry experts about dynamic offer creation and how innovation can lead the way to the finish line. 

Keynote • Dynamic offer creation
Exploring dynamic offers: The report from industry players

Understand how ATPCO is paving the way forward to dynamic offers through standards and industry collaboration. 

Panel • Dynamic offer creation
Distribution: Ready to play?

Join this interactive discussion about the current and future state of airline distribution.

Interview • Distribution
Galvanizing green flight shopping, from standardizing datasets to communicating with customers

The conversation around sustainability is just getting started. Join four expert panelists on stage to hear how collaboration can help drive a more

Panel • Thought leadership
Industry collaboration: Design teams forge the path to offers and orders

Airlines, channels, and system providers are collaborating to define how the industry will move to the new world of offers and order. 

Panel • Standards
The airlines mastering their merchandising game

Access insights on how you can best present your offers by leveling up your merchandising game.

Panel • Merchandising
Corporate travel state of play

Explore the new, post-pandemic era of business travel with four expert panelists. 

Panel • Thought leadership
A retailing journey: An in-depth look at Expedia’s success and learnings

Hear how focusing on the customer shopping experience and adding more content changed the retailing game for Expedia. 

Interview • Merchandising
A winning game: Consumer trust and dynamic offers

Explore with these two experts how we can create a trusted marketplace for consumers with customized offers. 

Interview • Dynamic offer creation
Industry insights from Jerry Foran, ATPCO’s Board Chair

Hear from Jerry Foran, ATPCO’s Board Chair, about how the ever-evolving industry is changing. 

Keynote • Thought leadership
Playing to win: ATPCO President and CEO, Alex Zoghlin

Catch ATPCO’s President and CEO on the mainstage to hear how he navigated the pandemic and challenged the industry in brand new ways. 

Interview • Thought leadership
Startup spotlight: A fireside chat with the startups making moves

Discover how VCs and startups are thinking about the future and what their perspectives can teach you.  

Panel • Thought leadership
Machine learning & AI: What the next 10 years of innovation will mean for the industry’s bottom line

Learn how the next 10 years of innovation in AI can affect us all, and how machine learning can drive profitability. 

Keynote • Thought leadership
 Game-changer: Blockchain for dynamic offers @ scale

ATPCO is testing the standards and tech needed to enable dynamic offers at scale. Learn how blockchain's potential could help get the entire industry

Panel • Dynamic offer creation
 Creating @ play: Dynamic offer creation tools for today and the future

Find out how dynamic offers are built right now and new ways for building them that are in development. 

Solution breakout • Dynamic offer creation
Presenting @ play: Pro-level merchandising

Hear from Routehappy subscribers on how they use visual content to improve conversion, upsell, and customer satisfaction. 

Solution breakout • Merchandising
Presenting @ play: Attribute-based shopping with NGS

Attribute-based standards can help you create consistent, predictable results and a better experience for your customers. 

Solution breakout • NGS
Is your airline making the most of your membership?

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your airline’s relationship with ATPCO.  

Solution breakout • Community Participation
Creating @ play: Express Contracts

Find out how one company uses this tool to get negotiated fares into the market within minutes. 

Solution breakout • Express Contracts
Ethical algorithms: How improving your AI diversity, equity, and inclusion can protect your business

This panel explores best practices for avoiding biased datasets and decisions in any business. 

Solution breakout • DEI